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Who or what is TICKETINO?

We, Ticketino, are experts in the areas of assisting event-organziers to host their events succesfully. We assist small as well as large organizers, from small to large events, we are here to help you make your event the best possible version of itself as it could be.

Set up your event on your own in just a few minutes, activate the ticket sales and benefit from over 1,000 ticket agencies and from our extensive marketing offer!

Event organisation easily done: No matter if it is a corporate event or a festival - you can count on TICKETINO for ticket sales and guest management before, during and after the event.

Extend your website with eventbookings

With the help of our services you can create your own eventbooking page and leave all of the backend magic to us. If you need a fast and easy way of extend your page you can insert and Iframe, yet if you want to make your own forms you can either choose our webhooks or our Rest-Api. 

With our assistance everyone wil be able to advertise and sell their own tickets. With the help of our Rest-Api you are even able to create events, get data of your events and a lot more and that all with a few simple calls on our backend from your frontend.

But why would you want to include an eventbookin on your website?
It is always best to give a possible the client the easiest and fastest possible solution and buying possiblity to use. Therefore it is important to show a client that he doesn't need to make a long detour to multiple pages to buy his ticket, instead you can instanly show him a possiblity to buy it. You should also note the longer the path is the more likely it is that clients could get annoyed and won't buy a ticket or they might even change their mind about buying a ticket.

The advantage of our backend-service

Creating, hosting, mainting and many other parts of creating your own backend can be very time and money consuming, leave that part to us!
We have all of that working, you don't even need to think about a database for the storage of information, since we also cover that with our service. 
That is why you should leave the hard and anoying part to us. We have it all running and working so you can focus on the more important part of selling and advertising your event. Besides simply storing and enableing clients to buy tickets we also make it possible for you to see your event-data. With this feature you can always stay up-to-date on how your event is doing and stay on top things. 

All the displayed information has been put together by the Developmentteam. This page is here to help 3rd party users to impement our system correctly.